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Gadgets | iOS 18: What's New? #wwdc2024 ...

iOS 18 has been unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The privacy feature has been enhanced in iOS 18. Users will be able to share specific contacts with apps instead of providing access to their entire contact list. iOS 18 will add support for vastly improved control centre options along with support for controls from third party apps. Watch the video to know about all the features. wwdc2024 wwdc2024apple wwdc2024highlights wwdc2024keynote wwdc2024appleintelligence wwdc2024ipad wwdc2024in10minutes wwdc2024summary wwdc2024leaks wwdc2024chatgpt #ios18 #ios18features #ios18developerbeta #ios18releasedate #ios18apple #ios18handson #ios18update #ios18siri #ios18betafeatures #ios18review #ios18rcs Anchor and Producer: Karishma Sharma ( Video Editor: Chhatrapal Singh Chouhan ( For the latest in mobile reviews and everything tech, visit ➥ Twitter: ➥ Facebook: ➥ Instagram:

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