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AlJazeeraEnglish | Will the unrest in Kenya escalate? | Inside Story ...

It all started with peaceful protests against a finance bill tabled in Kenya's parliament. The proposed legislation includes tax increases to raise extra funds the government says it needs to pay off public debt. The protests intensified, crowds stormed the parliament compound and the military was deployed. Security forces used live rounds, killing and injuring many. A defiant President William Ruto called the demonstrations treasonous, and promised to take a tough stance on what he called anarchy. So, will the unrest be contained? Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam Guests: Hassan Khannenje -- Director of the HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies, a research and policy think-tank based in the Kenyan capital Westen Shilaho -- International Relations Scholar at the University of the Witwatersrand and author of the book, 'Political Power and Tribalism in Kenya'. Otsieno Namwaya -- East Africa Director of Human Rights Watch Subscribe to our channel Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: Download AJE Mobile App: #Kenya #Nairobi #RejectEntireFinanceBill2024 #RejectFinanceBill2024 #WilliamRuto #OccupyParliament #OccupyChurches #RutoMustResign #RevolutionKE #GenZ #TotalShutdownKE #RutoMustGo #FreeShad #KenyaTaxHikes #KenyaProtests #KenyaUnrest

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