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AlJazeeraEnglish | Israeli figures urge EU and UK to recognise Palestinian state for regional peace: Analysis ...

A group of distinguished Israeli public figures, including former ambassadors and academics, has urged European Union countries and the UK to promptly recognise a Palestinian state, citing principles of historic justice and the need for regional peace. Alon Liel, former Director of Israel's Foreign Ministry and ambassador to South Africa and one of the signatories of the letter, emphasized the importance of diplomatic solutions over military actions in addressing Israel's current challenges. In an interview with Al Jazeera, He highlighted concerns about Israel's international standing and the potential repercussions of pursuing a military approach. Alon expressed apprehension about recent developments, such as Egypt's announced support for a genocide lawsuit against Israel, warning of significant diplomatic consequences for Israel's relationships in the Middle East. Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: Download AJE Mobile App: #Israel #TelAviv #EuropeanUnion #UnitedKingdom #PalestinianState #Palestine #BenjaminNetanyahu #Gaza #Peace #Justice #IsraelGazaWar #IsraelHamasWar #GazaWar #IsraeliDiplomacy #Rafah #Netanyahu #ICJ #GazaGenocide

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