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AlJazeeraEnglish | Israel trying to pressure Hamas to accept deal with latest attack ...

Tamer Qarmout, associate professor of public policy at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, says Israel is “making Hamas and Gaza pay the price by pushing further into Deir el-Balah and Rafah” with the latest attack in central Gaza. He told Al Jazeera the Israelis are aiming for “another massive push” to pressure Hamas into accepting the deal without any guarantees for a permanent ceasefire. “What we’ve been hearing from many military analysts is that Rafah and the middle governorate [Deir el-Balah] are the last areas where the Israeli forces did not fully occupy or enter and destroy,” Qarmout said. “They claim that there is a small brigade, or two brigades, of Hamas’s forces so they want to also do a complete job or, as they advocate, for a full victory by entering every inch of the Gaza Strip and rooting out Hamas. The price is horrific.” Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: Download AJE Mobile App: #aljazeeraenglish #BreakingNews #aljazeeralivenews #aljazeeraenglish #palestine #newsfeed #news #aljazera #latestnews #gaza #israel #Iran #IranHelicopterAccident #EbrahimRaisi #Raisi #AmirAbdolahian #EastAzerbaijan #BreakingNews #news

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