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Stay informed with Al Jazeera's latest news. In this video, we'll share the latest news headlines from Al Jazeera. From international news to local stories. 0:00 - Sudan fighting 0:51 - North Korea's spy satellite 1:04 - Qatar Taliban meeting 1:16 - Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 1:40 - Russia oil refinery fire 1:57 - Elon Musk in China Diplomatic sources in Sudan have told Al Jazeera the army is suspending talks with the Rapid Support Forces in Saudi Arabia. The two sides agreed a five-day ceasefire extension on Monday -- but it was violated a day later. Heavy fighting took place across the capital Khartoum. The deal was supposed to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid. US-Saudi monitors say last week's truce was subject to "severe violations". North Korea's attempt to send its first spy satellite into space has failed. It crashed into the sea shortly after taking off. The US says the launch involved ballistic missile technology which goes against UN resolutions. Pyongyang announced earlier that it wanted a satellite to monitor military activity of the US and its allies. The Qatari Prime Minister has held talks with the Taliban's Supreme Leader in Kandahar earlier this month. It's seen as signaling a new willingness by Afghanistan's rulers to discuss ways to end their isolation. The meeting's been described as "very positive" and said Haibatullah was "very interested" in continuing a dialogue with the international community. A Myanmar government delegation has visited Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh as part of a repatriation scheme. It's the second such visit in the past three months. Bangladesh and Myanmar want to send more than 1,000 Rohingya to Myanmar. Some of the refugees say they've been forced or coerced into signing repatriation documents. About a million of them fled Myanmar in 2017 after a brutal military crackdown. Moscow says a drone attack caused a fire at an oil refinery in southern Russia. It happened in the Krasnodar region. State media say there were no casualties or damage. The fire has since been extinguished. Russia has blamed Ukraine for an increasing number of attacks on its territory. Tesla's Chief Executive, Elon Musk is in China, on what's described as a high-stakes business trip. The entrepreneur has met with Chinese foreign and trade ministers. They discussed development of electric cars and expanding Tesla's operations. China is the world's biggest electric vehicle market. In April, Tesla announced it would build a second factory in Shanghai. Musk's business ties to China have previously raised concerns in Washington. Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: #aljazeeraenglish #BreakingNews #AlJazeeraLive #Russia #UkraineWar #VladimirPutin #aljazeeraenglish #afghanistan #newsfeed #news #aljazera #latestnews #latestwhatsappstatus #sudanfighting #sudan #us #violence #serbia #humanrights #kosovo #nato #italy #canada #wildfire #shooting #kyiv #moscow #fighting #un #unitednations

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